Truffle waiting to play

  This is Truffle, she is our double registered standard Australian Shepherd(ASDR and IDCR). She is 21 inches at the shoulder and weighs in around 50 pounds.


She is DNA tested with   Paw Print Genetics and is clear on everything except she is a carrier for collie eye anomaly. Her OFA hips are certified Good!


  We DNA test for lineage with Embark, they claim a 3-5% chance of error depending on the size of their database. With that said, they found that as well as Australian Shepherd Truffle has a small percentage of Australian Cattle Dog in her.


  Her puppies will come with the option to register them with the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR). 


  She is bright and gentle and loves to cuddle but also loves to run and play. She takes great care of our children. 

My breeding female, Truffle