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This is Lyttle's Kozy Rosie, she is a miniature Australian Shepherd weighing in at 28.4 lbs. and she is one of the sweetest, most cuddly dogs I've ever owned!

  She is all Shepherd and loves to watch the livestock on our land. She herds the ducks and stays with the kids. 

  Kozy has been DNA tested for genetic health issues with Paw Print Genetics, her panel came back clear of all genetic issues. We also did a Lineage DNA test through Embark, they claim a 3-5% error rate, and she is 100% Miniature Australian Shepherd.


  This is Lyttle's Flopsie Mopsie, she is a miniature aussiedoodle weighing in at 31.8 lbs. She is very kind and obedient but maybe just a touch shy with strangers. She loves the kids and adores walks.

   Mopsie has been DNA tested for Genetic health and is a carrier for 2 different issues, paperwork can be shown on request. These issues will not affect any of her puppies as Super is clear on all Genetic tests. We also tested her for lineage with Embark, they claim a 3-5% error rate, and she tested as Australian Shepherd with a small percentage of Border Collie and 50% poodle.


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