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High Quality, Natural Ingredients

NEVER Been Recalled

Made FRESH In The USA And Delivered To Your Door

Not Available In Stores, Ensuring Safe Food For Your Pet!

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We are often asked, “What should I feed my puppy? What do you recommend?” We have always researched the dog food and looked at the first few ingredients and the guaranteed analysis. When we first started out, we began feeding Kirkland Nutra Nuggets and then throughout the years we have also used Taste of The Wild, and Victor. We have settled on Life's Abundance though because we end up feeding 2-3 times less than these other brands. Do you know what happens when you feed more?  Yep!  They POOP more!  And, it does end up costing a lot more too! 

Why is that?  Life's Abundance is higher calories per cup than most other foods and it is HIGHLY digestible.


We have come to believe SO strongly in  Life's Abundance, that we have chosen to include it in our health guarantee. We feel very strongly about keeping your puppy as healthy as possible and we feel that by providing this premium, holistically formulated dog food it will ensure your dog’s nutritional health and long-life!

So many dogs and cats are acquiring serious, life-threatening health risks through poor diet and vitamin deficiency. Life's Abundance provides the optimum nutritional benefits for all life-stages ensuring good health and longevity for your Aussiedoodle,  which is why we are willing to stand behind our health guarantee when you feed this specific line of holistically-formulated dog food only!

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